Leslie Stewart

Although Leslie’s main role at Watson Brown is to close on our transitions, Leslie is actually our Jack of All Trades! If you do business with Watson Brown, you will inevitably get to know Leslie and depend upon her expertise. Leslie spends more time in the office than anyone else and you can usually count on her to know the details regarding any transition.

Leslie’s personal interests include gardening, baking, reading, crafting, volunteering for Patriot Anglers, spending time with family, and working with their youth organization. Leslie is married and has three children, two daughters and one son. Her son completed a two-year mission trip and his now working, her oldest daughter works with special needs children, and her youngest daughter is preparing to attend Brigham Young University.

What you might not know about Leslie is that she is the second in her Georgian family to marry a California native. She also comes from a long line of baseball players with her grandfather playing for the Army during WWII and her father being drafted to the Mets, although he was sent to Vietnam before he could play. In addition, she is related to Charlie Hough, the former ‘knuckle-baller‘ who last pitched for the Texas Rangers! Leslie also owned a small farm in California where she had two acres of pumpkins, corn, tomatoes, squash, etc. that she sold at ‘The Corner Fruit Stand’ at the end of her driveway.

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