Dental Spotlight: Drew Randall, DDS

Through our Dental Spotlight Series we are taking the time to highlight successful professionals in the dental industry. If you’re an aspiring practice owner, or a current dentist looking for your next big move, we hope you gain some valuable advice from these successful individuals and their stories.

Drew Randall, DDS

Where did you grow-up and what is special about your home town?

I grew up in Irving, TX.  It was a great place for a family, with a safe and nurturing environment.  It has a small town feel while offering big city amenities.

Why did you decide to become a dentist?

My father was influential in my decision to become a dentist. I saw his favorable working hours, no on call times, and a family-oriented business.  I saw dentistry as a way to change peoples lives, build relationships and provide comfort, health and beauty for my patients for a lifetime.

Where did you go to dental school and when did you graduate?

I graduated from Baylor School of Dentistry in 1998.

Who is/was your mentor?

My father, who was a dentist, was my first mentor.  Observing him at work and witnessing his lifestyle help convince me to become a dentist.

What is your favorite dental instrument? Why?

I have two favorites. One is the Articulator; this jaw simulator helps the patient and I both visualize the relationship of the top and bottom teeth.  Secondly is my camera, it allows my patients to see what I see.

How do you like to relax?

I relax by exercising, playing a round of golf and attending my kids sporting events. I also enjoy vacations with my wife and family.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Having a family, graduating dental school and building a successful dental practice have all been great achievements.

What do you most look forward to doing in retirement?

 I enjoy dentistry so much that I may work until I can’t anymore. 

What is the biggest challenge facing dentistry?

The corporate invasion of dentistry is a big challenge to dentistry.  The lack of dental insurance or the minimal coverage it provides creates a lack of freedom for dentists to provide the best care.

What is the best advice you’ve received for your career?

The best advice I received, was to attend continuing education at the Stewart Center for Minimally Invasive Dental Medicine.  Another piece of good advice was to minimize or eliminate the dependence of your practice on dental insurance.

How do you make practicing dentistry fun?

Scheduling enough time with patients to have time to talk, find out what they really want and to not feel rushed.

What advice would you share with someone looking to purchase their first practice?

Do lots of research, know what you want.  Buy a practice that will allow you to build the practice you want to build.  Know your limits and your goals.

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