Dental Associateship Assessment

A dental practice owner shakes hand her with new dental associate.

Bringing a dental associate into your practice can increase production and profitability. However, finding the right associate can be extremely challenging. An associate dentist should have good clinical skills, experience, and hand speed. Additionally, an associate candidate should also have an ownership mentality and view the position as more than a job.

If you are considering hiring an associate at your dental office, we can perform a practice assessment to determine if now is the right time to bring on an additional provider, as well as identify additional expenses you might incur with an associate. Our team will help you decide what type of business relationship you and your associate will share and what benefits to offer. We will also draft an associate agreement.

A dental associateship can be a fruitful professional relationship or a disastrous misstep. By planning for success, our team can minimize the chance of a mismatch.

We can help by:

  • Assessing current dental office suitability
  • Devising a compensation model
  • Drafting and reviewing a dental associate contract

Let us ensure your dental associateship is successful.

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